SRDIG008 - Jahbo - Momentousness (Sanaton 2021)


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We here at Sanaton Records HQ were looking through some lost gems from Jahbo and we found two unpolished jewels that we felt needed to be exposed to the world…
With more then two decades of producing highly refined dancefloor monsters, twisting minds and dancefloors around the world,
Jahbo needs no future introduction.

Jahbo – Momentousness

Jahbo & Digital Talk – Modulix
w/p by Julien Fougea, Luc Achintre & Rolike Jahbo
The track was created during a visit in the studio of Digital Talk in Paris in the early 2000´s.
Unfortunately the project files was later lost on a HD crash, so this is the original mixdown, that was made after the intense session in the DT cave 🙂

Jahbo & Loon – THX
w/p by Henning Nielsen & Rolike Jahbo
This track was created in Jahbo´s studio in Aarhus, also sometime in the early 2000´s.
Its the last among 6 tracks produced together with Loon. The 5 other track are released long ago at Apoxina, Cosmic Theatre and Parvati Records. In 2020 a 7th track was finally started…

Over ‘n’ Audio


Available for download on our Bandcamp page:


Artist: Jahbo
Title: Momentousness
Format: Digital (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG008
Release date: December 3, 2021



1 / Jahbo & Digital Talk – Modulix [8:00]
2 / Jahbo & Loon – THX [5:58]


Made by: Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio 2021



Mastered by: Onkel Dunkel @ Bimmelim Soundlabs