Sanaton Records was planted by a group of friends who had a collective wish of creating a platform for releasing new, bold and spectacular sounds. On a non-profit basis we aim to grow in music. Because, what is music? Does anyone decide what music is..? In this way we want to deliver the experiences from and into the tales of the indescribable.

With potential and transforming creativity that flows among us in mind. We at Sanaton decided to accumulate our energy and tap into the chaotic forces of creativity, pushing the frontiers of hard-weird knob-tweaking. So it´s with honour and great pleasure we serve the audience – everyone who has aquired a taste for this mind and body pounding driving force, namingly, in the broad sense of the meaning, psychedelica. Ultimately, just bringing you the proper ear-eye candy appetizers you longed for – usage in whatsoever suitable occasions. Music, without any border!

These are the voyages of Sanaton Records.. To continue the mission for vision following intuition… to explore strange new worlds and seek out new sounds and bombarding beats.. To Boldly Audio where no soundaholic has travelled before!

Boom, bombarded by…