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VA – Ubrahk

Artist: Compilation
Title: VA – Ubrahk
Format: Digital (24bit WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG002
Release date: May 1, 2020

The Sanaton Logbook – 910-2102-90-01
Trancemission #13 Message intercepted from high orbit. – This is the 8:th voyage of Sanaton Records. Our mission is as always to explore strange new worlds, seek out new sounds and bombarding beats.

Boldly venturing into Ubrahk´s Orbit and beyond, this release is only available in digital format on Bandcamp:

: T r a C K L i S t :
01- Derango – Odd Zone
W&P by: Jens Eriksson, Ola Eriksson

02 – Ghostscent – Spaced Out
W&P by: Ola Eriksson

03 – Hallucinogenic Horses – The Buskis
W&P by: Jens Eriksson, Ola Eriksson, Nicolas Di Bernardo, Marcus Ryman,
Daniel Jansson, Mikael Stegman, Johan Hellqvist, Kim Bernhammar

04 – Inzect – Jelanasuki
W&P by: Jonas Lovén

05 – Traskel – Strandad
W&P by: Marcus Ryman

06 – Insurpo & Purozect – Bast Lattle
W&P by: Jens Eriksson & Jonas Lovén

07 – Elowinz – Ubrahk
W&P by: Diogo Gouvea

08 – Fontanellsurfarna – Här Ligger En Hund Begraven
W&P by: Marcus Ryman & Daniel Jansson

09 – MakadaM – Sub-Urban & His Mental State Band
W&P by: Daniel Jansson

10 – Buttergoose – Butter up
W&P by: Frode Mathiassen & Daniel Jansson

11 – Donkey Shot – Punk´s Not Ed
W&P by: Johan Hellqvist

12 – Stenad & Stanley – We Only Talk To Mutes
W&P by: Brus Springsteen & MC Hammered

-~ ARTWORK ~- /////////////////////////////////
Made by: Rafaël Campoli aka MadeInRealtime

-~ INFO ~- //////////////////////////////////////
Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify

Compiled & Organized by: Sanaton Crew

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bo0m, B0MbaRdeD bY / SaNaToN´z

It’s Getting To Start Dimensional

The Sanaton Logbook 04051-9723-587 __

Trancemission #12 from one of the many moons of planet Ubrahk

It was November of 9102 backwards when two ultra-gnomes from Scania, better known as Inzect and Purosurpo, had a mega-intense three week freak-in-&-out session.

During this unstoppable time period of rain & wind, order & chaos, the creativity was so high that three sonic secrets was born out of one massive trance-like Sana-Tone.

The notion of being constantly observed by two black cats forced the duo to go deeper and deeper into their mission as the furry beings started to communicate in mystical audiogenic manners.

While one of those three sound-secrets took a magic slot in a very special upcoming magic brew, the other two sonic-strikes became this imaginary digitalised 7”-single.

And now, it’s getting to start dimensional… So join Insurpo & Purozect in their Sanatonic state of dimensional madness, while they prove why the Malmö-winter is best enjoyed indoors in trance.

Over ‘n’ Audio

Available for download on our Bandcamp page:

Artist: Insurpo & Purozect
Title: It’s Getting To Start Dimensional
Format: Digital (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG001
Release date: March 21, 2020


A Smattro del Mattro [8:25]
B Kigh as a Hite [7:56]

All tracks Imagined & digitally materialized by J.Eriksson J.Lovén

Made by: Artwork by Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio 2020


Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify