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Smuds – Undulations In Silico

Bonjour fellow space cadets! We have a double announcement to make. A new cosmonaut joint our ranks who flies under the name of Smuds. He’s an experienced Danish space traveller who we teamed up with for this mission to Ubrahk.

Furthermore we have (finally) restocked Sanaton Records label t-shirts due to the big amount of requests. If you want to get your psytrance fashionista look going, please head over to our bandcamp page. The batch is limited and available here!

Available for download on our Bandcamp page:

Over ‘n’ Audio


Artist: Smuds
Title: Undulations In Silico
Format: Digital (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG006
Release date: February 5, 2021


A / Holtzman Drive [9:33]
B / Space Folding Mutated Freaks [9:39]

All tracks imagined & digitally materialised by Rasmus Leth

Made by: Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio 2021


Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify





New hoodies, vinyl bags and patches available

O´hoy there fellow space cadets,

We are very happy to have receive such great feedback from our previous small batch of Sanaton hoodies. This has inspired us to launch new limited batches with different design in the near future.
The demand during the launch was so overwhelming that we feel bad to have disappoint so much people.

For everyone who wasn’t able to purchase a hoodie, we’re happy to announce you have a second chance now. We made a couple extra hoodies and they’re available as of now!! So, be sure to grab yours today!

Available sizes: L & XL, for other sizes or additional questions please contact Kali Rose:
Price for one hoodie: 45 Euro + 12 Euro shipping worldwide. Every shipment comes standard with a tracking number.

And.. we have more good news!
Be sure to check out our new website. In the shop you’ll find some new and limited treats! Two different vinyl bags and Sanaton patches with our two logos. The bags available in 2 different colors: A beige color of organic linen fabric & a black thick cotton fabric.

1 x Beige bag (Kettel logo): 10 Euro + 5 Euro shipping worldwide
1 x Black bag (Gramophone logo): 10 Euro + 5 Euro shipping worldwide
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Boom, bombarded by Sanaton Records & Kali Rose