SRDIG009 - Tengri - Theatre of the Mind Master (Sanaton 2o22)

Tengri – Theatre of the Mind Master (2o22)


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We are honoured to present Theatre of the Mind, a joint venture between Tengri & Sanaton Records.

“Theatre of the Mind” is the embodiment of an ongoing aspiration that I have as an artist.

The idea is to transcend limitations of sounds and arrangements and involve different creative perspectives to tell a story that starts with my own experiences.

One of the most gratifying aspects of being an artist is to share one’s vision with others and allow them to draw from it in order to cultivate their own expression that takes previous content to a completely different form.

“Theatre of the Mind” is exactly that, a story-telling that takes the audience to different worlds that exist in the minds and experiences of different artists that have embraced this process together with me.

Every sound is like an actor standing on a stage and performing a specific role. In this way the composition is not a linear combination of one static idea rather it takes that idea as a starting point and it takes it to completely different dimensions.

As a multidimensional performance this track started with a simple “dub” loop that in turn allowed other artists to build and interpret the basic idea with their own sounds and unique creative outlet. After their interpretation was done, I took their addition and tried to place it back into the unifying field that resulted in a complex and yet familiar sonic landscape.

The result is a 20+ minutes long journey, defined with continuous exposure to different emotional states.

“Theatre of the Mind” is not just a testimony of unique creativity of different artists that have embarked on this adventure with me, rather an invitation to the audience to find its own place on the stage of life that we have tried to invite them to.

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Artist: Tengri
Title: Theatre of the Mind Master
Format: Digital (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG009
Release date: Januari 22, 2022



1 / Theatre of the Mind [20:16]


Track is written and Produced by:

  • Tengri
    Egons embrace
    Farebi Jalebi
  • Mixed and arranged by Tengri


    Made by: Fingers



    Mastered by: Andrej Ljatkovski