SRDIG006 - Smuds - Undulations In Silico (Sanaton 2021)

Smuds – Undulations In Silico


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We present a spicy dose of cosmic origami. Meticulously generated folds in space for your ears to enjoy. By mutating our navigators through spice consumption we have tamed the absurdly complex mathematics of foldspace to serve you the most exquisite interstellar undulations. These waves will let your mind travel great distances instantaneously across the universe.

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Artist: Smuds
Title: Undulations In Silico
Format: Digital (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
Catalogue number: SRDIG006
Release date: February 5, 2021



A / Holtzman Drive [9:33]
B / Space Folding Mutated Freaks [9:39]

All tracks imagined & digitally materialised by Rasmus Leth


Made by: Jonas Lovén @ FAIA Graphic Studio 2021



Mastered by: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify